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About Us

Exakti Intelligence Oy is a leading neuromarketing research provider in the Nordic countries. We can measure for example marketing assets, slogans and products / packages in your target group before launching them - letting you thus know in beforehand which creative solution or product (feature) is the most effective one. Our turn key solutions also include recruiting the correct target group and analyzing your data.


Fact-based Decisions

Most of our brain capacity is involuntary: A human brain reacts based on stimuli it picks up. That's why brain imaging is needed to measure it. Exakti's algorithm is based on years of academic research on brain imaging and capable of interpreting brain signals. We transform them into meaningful data providing you with facts about the true reaction a material creates in your target group, such as:

  • What is the effect of adding a price?
  • How does the background music work?
  • Should you use red?

By using these facts, you can significantly reduce your R&D risks, increase product launch success rates and create more return on your marketing investment.



Exakti enables intelligent and fact-based business planning by offering a platform that analyses and predicts their outcomes. The platform integrates the latest state of the art brain imaging technology with decades of scientific and academic brain research, presenting the results through an intuitive user interface. As a result, you will get reliable, meaningful and easy to understand information to assist your decision making and business planning.


Predictive Analytics Platform

Due to extremely competitive markets, up to 90% of new product launches will fail within a year. In addition, traditional marketing activities have become less and less effective in reaching the target consumers.

How can you ensure that these costly marketing activities will be as effective as possible? How can you guarantee that your product stands out from the crowd in a saturated market? These challenges are widespread, yet most businesses rely solely on intuition and often unreliable information to make these decisions. Business strategy and decision making should be build upon factual evidence. How can that be done? We know how!

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Exakti Intelligence Oy
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